“Wisdom in Slowing Down" is an 8 x10 inch watercolor and ink painting on watercolor paper. It comes ready to hang in a 11x14 frame.  SHIPPING: Please allow 5 business days for packaging and shipping the painting. Paintings are carefully packaged in a box with bubble wrap and other materials to ensure the painting's safety. Shipping is calculated at checkout.


  • About my Watercolor Collection:

    Our new home is surrounded by trees that reach toward the sky and open their branches to the sun. The light glistens through the leaves and dances across the grass. It is as if the trees are choreographing beauty for the world to see. I was immediately captivated by this simple, yet beautiful dance unfolding before my eyes. I began to dream of paintings that allowed my colors to move like the light...where the shapes had more presence and demanded attention.


    It was quite a freeing and exciting moment creating each piece. I will be continuing work in this direction. These pieces are quite special to me since they are the very first ones to come from this idea. It can be intimidating to try something new but there is always beauty that unfolds through change. 


    "There is only beauty once light reveals it."