This painting is currently for sale through the Tate Studio in Dallas, Texas. If you are interested in this piece please email me and I will coordinate through the gallery. 


"Slowly Blooming" is a 24x30 acrylic painting on canvas framed with a white wooden frame. The wooden frame has a depth of 1 1/2 inches. It will come ready to hang on your wall. 


SHIPPING: Please allow 5 business days for packaging and shipping the painting. Paintings are carefully packaged in a box with bubble wrap and other materials to ensure the painting's safety. Shipping is calculated at checkout. 



  • About my Moments in Time Collection:

    There are moments in time that are pure and breathtaking. As much as I try to be fully present, they still seem to slip through my hands. I can't quite hold on to them long enough. 


    This collection came from an overflow of being inspired by these moments. As a new mom, I was constantly caught off guard by the rush of love building inside of me as a response to the simplest moments between my daughter and I. I wanted to hold onto that feeling and those moments. Capturing these fleeting moments was my way of extending their time in this world. I don't know about you, but I wish time moved a little slower and the beautiful moments lasted a bit longer.


    "Let us hold fast to the fleeting beautiful moments of life that pass by as quickly as a blooming flower reveals it's full beauty." 

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