Prints available! Just click here if you are interested in a print of this piece. 


"Loyal Friend" is a framed 20x20 inch acrylic and ink painting on canvas. The white wooden frame creates a beautiful border. It will come ready to hang on your wall. 


  • About my animal paintings:

    I have always had a deep connection with creation. It begs to be explored and entices my curiousity. Being in the midst of it fuels me and is a constant source of inspiration. I'm always desiring to learn more about the world around me.


    Painting and drawing are my exploration tools. The process of creating my animal paintings is not to simply make a beautiful painting. I do desire to create something beautiful in the end, but what excites me is the unknown during the process. As I lay the paint on my canvas and consider the way the colors fit next to each other, it feels as if I'm carving something new into existence. The animal is not a new creation, but my growing wonder for the animal is. Through the process of creating I form a deeper connection to creation and my Creator.