Something New is Coming

Updated: Jan 16

Let me help you find a wonder for the art in all of us.

I'm excited to share the news that I'll be starting an art education blog. If you read my introduction (on the main blog page), then you know I have a HUGE passion for art education. This blog is going to be a vibrant place-full of inspiration, lessons, guidance, encouragement, tips, and more.

This blog is for anyone who desires to bring the arts into their life. Whether you are wanting to introduce the arts to your child, develop a budding artist's skills, have creative options for an advanced artist, or have no experience in the arts and want to change that...the list could go on.

Helping you develop a wonder for the art in all of us is the one main goal for this blog.

Before the blog officially launches, I have a 2 things for you. Click the button below and download A Beginners Guide to Art Education in the Home. I created it just for you! It has my favorite art supplies from birth-18 years, key goals to keep in mind while helping your kid(s) pursue art making, and some discount tips for art supply shopping. Then, I want to give you something to kick start your art education journey.


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